Sunday, July 19, 2009

Here's the baby bunny sweater with the Peter Rabbit buttons. This is the softest thing I have ever knit. Really and truely it is scrumpdillyicious. Plymouth Baby Bunny. You can find it at WEBS. Speaking of WEBS:

I visited the place in North Hampton, MA this past week. WOW, really big and a big back room with cones and sale items. I bought a cone of Merino/Nylon sock yarn, another spindle, a few white cascade fixation and a shawl pattern.  You'd think I would have gone crazy, but no. Hub Mills has most of everything I need and my employee need to go anywhere else.  Hub Mills is the outlet store of Classic Elite Yarns in Lowell, MA.   One other thing I got was a pair of circs-with square needles and the most flexible/supple/lightweight cord ever.  Kollage Yarns makes them...I want more of them.

The reason for my trip 'out west' was not just for yarn. Minime had her college orientation! We went with a friend and her daughter who is also a friend of Minimes'. The adults stayed in the Campus Hotel and this was our view:
The weather was beautiful for the days we stayed...2 nights. So much to do there and the food was fabulous. Parents eat free all year! Suffice to say, the University employs an excesive amount people to make sure my baby will be safe, healthy and happy. That made me  less stressed considering the nicname of this prestigious place is: ZooMass...! We learned through research the reasons for the overindulgence;
1 NCAA athletics
2 Northeast location
3 Out in the sticks (literally) 
4 Predominantly  white students
5 Public University
All these things come together in a perfect storm.   Interesting, huh?  Gotta love research :)
UMASS  Amherst, here we come!
Here are the 2 lovies, raring to go. :(
The trip was so fun fun fun, until the Trooper stopped us on the way home, Minime was Going a little fast on a small 55mpg hway. She was not used to having to look out for the fuzz (apologies to anyone connected) and to SLOW DOWN when you see them....not speed up and don't ignore that flailing arm that means: pull your ass over right now!!!   Live and learn.  She didn't get a speeding ticket. The cop was feeling sorry for us because the registration had not been renewed since Feb. and he had to have us towed!  OMG!  After a few false starts, I was able to renew on-line with my laptop, but not before we told one of the guys to come fetch us all.  Yikes.  We did make it home that night, safe and sound, and completely stressed.

New project alert. Why not start a new project when you have at least (I lost count) a gazillion projects in a gazillion project bags that are not finished. That wasn't really a "?".
This will be a short sleeve sweater for my K, my almost daughter-in-law. It's called a Jane Austin something.  She loves purple, and saw the pattern hanging around one I'm pretty sure she will like it. 

Any Facebook addicts out there??? Ugh, can't help myself. 


Kathy... said...

What an exciting time for your daughter (and you)! I remember those days with my two. No traffic violations and towed cars, thankfully! LOL

I would love to visit WEBS someday! Seems all of my LYS's are falling victim to the economic times and closing. Sad....but true.

Good hearing from you again!

km said...

I remember trying out colleges with my mom...what a fun time for you and friends.

Love the Bunny yarn...super cute baby cardi.

Sarah, The New Girl said...

what a crazy story-- so glad she didn't get a ticket!!

a new project! But... oh wait... that is beautiful. no wonder :)

Ace said...

something for you on my blog!

prashant said...

Love the Bunny yarn...super cute baby cardi.
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