Sunday, October 18, 2009

So sick of being sick. Working in that large petri dish called Room 109, has caused many illnesses for me to overcome. This particular one is quite feisty. It's going on its 2nd week here in my vessel. I even had to give up a movie invitation by my Cutiepatootie. She is 5 now and we are kindred spirits. {If it's the last thing I do}

I've also gotten another bug. The Facebook Bug. It has taken me away from many of the things I love. To name a few: reading, knitting, cooking, sleeping. What a piece of work. Once one learns to control the urges, well, it is awesome for connecting with people you wouldn't ordinarily speak with, let alone share your life with. LOL. It's a way to keep track of your family in one click.  I am going back to the telephone for my litter.   Did I mention the games? These things get you by the back door. "Oh I'm not playing a game, it's just my virtual farm. I'm harvesting a friend's corn. At the same time I am shopping for a few new flowers to plant by the waterfall."

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