Thursday, January 28, 2010

Been sick for the past week. Really sick, like should have stayed home sick. Of course that's not allowed, especially with the agenda for this week. I needed to be there to prepare me, the kids, and the lessons for my Walk Through. Once a year we have to endure it. This year and last we had a check list of 17 items for good teaching and learning from the state. If I bothered to write about them no one would be believe me. So I got through it coughing, aching, head throbbing, nose and 1 eye dripping, sweating, wheezing. My scores could be one of 3 categories covering on a ton of topics. Last year I got sustaining, the highest. If I get that this time it would be a miracle. Did I say that I couldn't see out of one eye because it was so swollen??? Just another day at the SLEES. That's an acronym for the name of our school...very fitting.
A knitting update: mittens for minime and her roommate.
Socks for minime with afterthought heels. The pink one is how I normally make them. The other 2 fit but not pretty.

Working on a pair of Posh green softness Embossed Leaves Socks by Mona Schmidt, in the Interweave Winter 05. It's such an easy pattern to follow.

This is what I have learned so far this year:
Respect the D
(more on this topic later)(yes, rugrats, use parenthesis for your inside thought)

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