Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I was formally observed yesterday...yes another one. She sits and types everything I say, then types away about whatever her thoughts are. 1 hour is a long time when someone is watching and hearing everything and being critical...g-o-d-f-o-r-b-i-d I should get praise. BTW, I did a fabulous job and the kids got a lot out of the lesson. I taught them how to write an ending for a small moments/personal narrative. Yes, for 2nd grade. Many can't write a complete sentence, and some have no clue what's going on for more than 30 seconds at a time.

This diabetes keeps following me like an annoying rugrat, turning up like a bad penny, bad dream, smelly deli, I could go on. I came home yesterday and was really irritable, on edge, and all over feeling like crap. Blood was 250. Oh boy. Then I got mad whining about not being able to eat anything. I drank a bottle of water, cup of coffee, and a pile of peanuts. The number came down and I felt better. I think I read somewhere that stress elevates blood sugar. The observation sure stressed me...I was a wreck. I'm not kidding myself, I must have eaten something wrong. Ugh.

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Karen said...

Oh absolutely, stress elevates blood sugars. It is true. So don't beat yourself up and don't feel like you ate something wrong. There are so many small factors that can drive your numbers up - stress, a bad night's sleep, if you are coming down with something, that time of month . . . the list goes on and on. Bad blood sugars happen and it's not your fault.

Not to say that sometimes poor food choices are the cause of a high. Yes, that is true too. But on the other hand, you could make the best possible food choice and take the right amount of insulin and still have a high blood sugar. And it's not your fault. Diabetes is hard enough, without heaping on the Diabetes Guilt!! You are doing great, so don't let that one high number bring you down.

Hugs to you!