Monday, January 04, 2010

Socks for Minime:
I make a tube 12ish in. long. Then add a heel at 7 inches from the toe. The first time I 'cut' for the heel was nerve racking. I worked and nothing bad happened. I insert 2 needles with 1 row of knitting between them. Cut the middle row in the center of the row, not the ends. Unravel each side, add 2 more needles and knit. The recipe for the heel stitches often varies so I do them one right after the other. The Twisted Sisters Book has 3 ways to do it.
The afterthought heel fits my feet better than the usual 'cuff-leg-heel-foot-toe' version. I can never figure out the foot measurement and always end up with socks that are too big for my size 8 feet.
Going back to school was OK today. It felt good to get back to a routine. Although I could easily hang out and not do much for a very long time. Not good for my new condition. Everyone tells me to walk, walk, walk. So walking it is. I got a wii fit and will try that too.
I told a few people about diabetes today, the nurses...duh, principal....good for some sick days in the future, my reading teacher, and my across the hall friend/teacher.
My numbers were/are good today. In fact they were great. 7am -118, 3pm - 106.
Good, huh? Yeah for me!!!
Thanks to all the well wishes sent through email and here.


Karen said...

You cut your sock??? You cut your sock????? Oh my, you are far braver than I am!! The times I've done an after-thought heel, I've always just knit waste yarn in to unravel later. The though of CUTTING scares me so!!!

Awesome to hear about your great numbers. I got a Wii and Wii Fit Plus for Christmas and I LOVE it. Exercise is always a thorn in my side - I hate it and have trouble sticking with it, but when I do I can see a real difference in my numbers. I'm hoping the fun of Wii Fit will keep my latest exercise craze going!

MollyBeees said...

Great numbers! Way to go! I wear size 6 shoes and I just measure my foot from heel to toe and then knit the foot until it's 1.5 inches less than that and then decrease Seems to work...