Sunday, March 28, 2010

If the basket is any indication, Cutiepatootie's Yiayia has shopping to do before next Sunday. That water bottle was a find! A sippy pull-up top, handle and clip, favorite color(pink), and princesses.

I'm thinking of not filling the other baskets. The ones I have been filling for 33 years, 28 years, 25 years, and 18 years. Scratch the 18 one. She can get a fill-up.

Having a grandchild when your youngest is still young (and you are too):
you don't get to have a grown-up living room...ever, those are so over rated:)
the plastic cups/bowls/spoons have been put away, but not thrown out,
the toys just need a little dusting off
the play kitchen just needs a hose-down
the books have not been given away,
the craft shelf is fully stocked
the furniture is still a dark, stain hiding color
Santa still brings presents even though everyone "knows", but we all like it
AND...the Easter Bunny visits, hopping down the bunny trail.

Bridgewater --- what was I thinking?
The knitter in me knows in time it will be a work of art and as I block it, I will we ooooing and ahhhhing at the magic of it all. The other part of me can't get there fast enough.

Any D-bloggers out there?? Awhhsggdfykvsl! The days are good, the nights are not so. Shades of my previous before D life when I would diet to loose weight, not to stay alive. Numbers in the 170-240 range. I'll be visiting the nutritionist and my primary care soon.

New obsession: LOST
Now on Season 3-10, I think, it's around 10. Very good for knitting---I watch it on Hulu, so no puter surfing, and it's lengthy, just like Bridgewater!


km said...

I'm not a D-blogger. But, I know enough by default. My dad was, he passed away in 2007. My MIL & FIL are. You'll find your way.

Colleen said...

No baskets here thank goodness - far too tempting!
Night numbers - I can't remember, are you using insulin? Nights were my worst but after adjusting basals and changing my IC for dinner, there's been improvement. It takes time and lots of patience!