Friday, April 02, 2010

Numbers too high?? Don't eat. That's what I've figured out. If I don't eat, my numbers are good. My meter takes an average...duh...I just found that. 7-14-30 day average. I'm in the 170's for an average. It's better than when I was diagnosed on Christmas Eve. Then my A1C was 13.8 or over 400 average.
Cutiepatootie's dad called to ask me to get her an Easter basket!!! OMG! He must think I'm daft. I told him I already had one and was filling it up with all kinds of goodies. So far it's overflowing its banks just like the Concord River here in MA.

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km said...

My former boss used to manage his numbers with a walk. He would test...and then determine how long the walk needed to be. Somedays it was a long walk, somedays just a 20 min loop around the bay.

Who would think a Grandma would forget a basket?