Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day
I tried to think of what I did today to celebrate Earth Day and realized it's what I do everyday. It's so normal that I don't think of it as green.
1 The reusable grocery bags. When I started with them, the baggers would look with a puzzled stare, and Minime would ask me to leave them in the car because it was embarrassing. Now it's not so weird.
2 The next one is a bit of a secret. No one at home knows and since they don't read this blog I figured it's ok to share. I shower every other day. No one has been offended or noticed. The only problem I see is in the summer when my hair gets sweaty and dirty everyday. I'll think about that one later.
3 I wear my black pants ( I have many) twice before I wash them. The kids at school don't care. I'm not wearing anything that shows any signs of being dirty. This is a big one because my father was a dry cleaner. That was his business after going to Harvard for chemistry during the depression. He stayed with the family business and never got out.
So, it was always, " You're wearing that? You're the daughter of a dry cleaner". (good memories)

I had a low, my first one or first one I documented. A 68. I know that's not too low, but I felt it. I hadn't eaten in many hours and felt the unmistakable hungry horrors. I drank orange juice, first time since diagnosed, and ate chocolate. It was the 2nd Cheesy Crunch Gordita that was overkill.

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Colleen said...

Yeah, but after you stop shaking the overtreatment really tastes yummy!