Friday, May 28, 2010

After all these years, is humidity now my friend?

On Wednesday it was super hot and humid. My classroom was 94 degrees. Talk about being rung out. I was soaked through to my underwear. I was gross. I couldn't stand myself. On top of that I had 18 hot, sweaty, droopy kids. It's a good thing they're only in 2nd grade or I could have added stinky to that list.
My building is air conditioned, but there is always a problem when the ac/heat gets turned on for the first time. Private industry would not stand for this. The workers would all walk out. Ahem... I heard the fix-it guy tell the secretary that the city did not pay the bill for work done over the winter, so no a/c for us. Crap.
My point is really not about the heat or the sweaty kids. When I got home my number was 74. Usually it's 100ish. I even had a Hoodsie cup of ice cream with the rugrats. Did I sweat out the sugar? If that's so, then I don't hate humidity anymore, and I'll try to stop complaining about it. Who knew? Certainly not me, HHH (hazy, hot and humid) is now my friend. Oh the possibilities!

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Kathy... said...

Well, nice to know that humidity can be good for someone....something! I'd love to send our your way.....

Take care, and enjoy your summer. I assume you will have summer break from school soon. Our schools have to go a couple weeks into June this year - in order to make up for snow days. Teachers hate it!!!