Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wedding Love

The wedding was wonderful. The day was humid and rained cats and dogs until it was time for the ceremony. The clouds broke and a mild wind blew away the humidity. It was still too hot for the Bridgewater, but K put it on as we were all leaving. All smiles all evening. A and I danced to a Beatles tune, The Long and Winding Road. I was so proud of my son and I gained a loving daughter. It was a perfect day.
As I write this, Dander is licking my leg. My granddog is vacationing with us while his parents are in Hawaii. He is a Labradoodle...and lives up to his Lab part. Very busy and LOVES balls. We have to hide them or he goes from 0 to 60 is less than a moment. Cabot, my sweet old Golden is jealous and Bella the cat has HAD IT, in no uncertain terms. She hangs out on the roof and eats in the attic. We will survive.


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Gnat said...

Congrats!! glad it went well...and hope the pet sitting goes well.

Kathy... said...

Oh congrats! I love a good love story!!! :)