Friday, August 13, 2010

You'd think I planned the streams
of light. No, it was just my normal
bumbling photography skills.
Cutiepatootie is the little one
in the middle.

I have been doing a lot of sewing since
the wedding. Odd ball things like crayon/pencil rolls
and re-usable sandwich and snack bags.
I'll be posting those soon.

Minime and I have a new obsession: ALIAS, the TV series from a few years ago. Soooo good.
A few summers ago she started watching Buffy, and I realized I should watch them too so we could
have fun together. I never thought I would enjoy them so much. Well, that was the first of our
series marathons.
My new A1c is..............tadaaaaaa 7.2! yea for me So, not bad from my high of 13ish in January.

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bobbi said...

glad the wedding was wonderful! now back to knitting