Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I hate the Bridgewater!!!!!!!!
Not really, it's a beautiful pattern and the construction is inspired. The problem is that I have been working on the edging for many days and am only 1/4 of the way done! The shower is this Saturday! Now what? Just to be safe I'll have to buy a gift so the mother-of-the-groom doesn't show up empty handed. I could wrap it up the way it is, nah, that's tacky.

Cabot, my 12 year old Golden, has a UTI. Poor baby. We went to the vet and found out her eyes don't work well either. I already knew that. She barks at us when we get home. The vet wanted a urine sample, so outside we go with a tech. She had a long stick with a little shallow cup on the end. With the 'pee catcher', the tech followed Cabot around telling her to "go pee pees". OMG So funny. We walked over to the "pee area" where all the dogs go. Finally she squatted and the 'pee catcher' was shoved under my poor sick puppy. Oh, the injustice of it all, so humiliating. $120.00 later, she's on amoxicillan.

My cousin is a diabetic (no big surprise I have D-relatives). She started on pills and went to insulin after a few years. She has neuropathy(sp?) Some kind of treatment to her swollen feet. I don't think this is good. It scares me. How does this happen?

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