Monday, July 25, 2011

I have been sewing forever, and this is my first muslin. So many ruined pieces of fabric and wonky looking garments...just not quite right. You can teach an old dog new tricks.
1) I used regular muslin and cut the largest size on the pattern.
2) I sewed it all together, clipped curves, and wow! it was really big. I couldn't even get the whole thing in a picture that wasn't 10 feet away.
3) Here's another w-i-d-e angle.
4) Now begins the tucking and sewing and trying on, over and over again.
5) Cutting the excess off. Now it fits the picture a bit better.

6) Take it apart and cut out the real fabric.
#5 should have included adding the neck trim, cuz that would have prevented me from thinking the pattern was way too big around the neck and too short. UHG! I won't share the mess I had to deal with, just that I finally got a pattern to use.
The top isn't finished yet, I need a few days to recover from the 'toile'.
Now I remember why I never muslin-ed before.

Fancy Nancy Clothes update. Too small (no muslin) I added a strip down the sides and it should be fine.

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