Monday, August 22, 2011

Mug Rug

Little House Mug Rug
The first of many to come. I got my design idea from Meg at Fashioned by Meg. She has tutorial for these and other quilty stuff on her site. I didn't follow her directions, just eyeballed it. Who cares if the house is a little off or the door is not perfect. Real houses tilt! I can see so many different shapes for Christmas presents. My next one will be a large abstract (crazy quilt) cut into small parts, bound and voila!, a set of Mug Rugs.

A finished object:
Also a first, Dresden Placemats. Six of them. The fabric came from Joann's rolled up fat quarters. Cows and such. I do love scrounging in that rolled up assortment. I know the quality isn't great and it's cheaper to gather bolts and get 1/2 yard cuts. What I like about the rolls is it's theme in one place.

I'm slowly working on these hexagons. It's a Moda Charm Pack I
picked up at my LQS, CandleliteQuilts. It's such a cute old house in Chelmsford Center. Practicallyunder my nose for the past 5 years.I'm going back there soon.

How about my cute little sewing basket,
a-tisket a-tasket vacation mom has a sewing basket!

Today is an A1c day. I can't imagine it going down since my last visit. That was when I started paying attention to my knee and subsequent walking off the sugar. Although today I weighed myself and 5 lbs gone since that last visit 3 months ago.

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