Thursday, October 13, 2011

The September fog has lifted and I'm into my school year routine of getting up too early and being tired by 4pm. There has been one change. I'm taking a class every Tuesday night for the rest of this decade. Not really, just the the next 2 years. That will make me a Title 1 Reading Teacher. Ah, yes I know I'm already a reading teacher. This will put the capital letters on it and make me look really good. I think the extra duty on Tuesdays till 9pm has been the reason why my September fog lifted in October.
There has been sewing going on despite my busy days.

That's a banner for a little friend who is now a big sister.
Below, a fall quilt, not Halloween, those are scarecrows. I stuffed it with polar fleece instead of the normal batting due to not having any and having too much fleece. Even though it's the thin baby-like fleece, it is heavy. I won't do that again.
Next is the Flying Geese. No binding yet, but on the couch looking pretty.
The next project is a hanging bookcase/shelf/library. That's the outline of a cat I'm not going to use and those books down there are also not being used but, you get the idea. I went to Joann's and got loads of fabric at 1/8 of a yard, that's 41/2 inches. Plenty to make books. The cutter was not happy with me. Most of them came to under a dollar. No use buying a half yard when all I need is a few inches. I got my teacher's discount card for an extra 15% off even sale items.
The best part of the book making is the practice with paper piecing. I waiting for Raining Cats and Dogs to come in. There is a pattern that looks like my granddog Dander. He's a Labradoodle, a triangular head which lends itself to nice quilting. Here's the one I love.

Knee update: still hurts...ugh. Getting some WD40 for knees in a couple of weeks.
Go get a flu shot! I thought I had a little while longer before the plague hit. Seems my immune system thought it was late October a week ago. That's my time to get sick from one of the rugrats every year.

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