Monday, December 19, 2011

My Christmas Miracle

We thought that our sweet Golden, Cabot, was on her way to heaven. She has had trouble walking and has been getting injections for arthritis to help her 14 year old body. Suddenly she started falling down, walking into things, not climbing stairs, and mostly looked awful. Now what? I hate those 2 words used to describe euthanasia, p_ _ d _ _ _. See, I can't even write them. When ever I hear them, I cringe. We decided to let her live out her life at home and deal with the mess.
Cabot - sick
For 3 mornings I was afraid to check on her, fearing the worst. Then my Christmas Miracle came. I woke up to her loudly drinking water on her own!! at her bowl!! standing up!! Yikes!
Later in the day she got thirsty again: ho, ho, ho!
Each day has been better than the one before. Today she even went for a solitary walk after her potty break. Her food and water bowls are now back in the kitchen and for the past 2 nights she has climbed the steps up to our bedrooms..(heat rises in our house, he,he)
Here she is sniffing the camera, looking for treats.

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